Distributors specialized in steel sheets for the metallurgical industry

We distribute to all of Spain

and in the Balearic Islands!

High specialization for companies in the metallurgical sector

Thanks to our specialization in the distribution of sheets, we have a diversity of clients in the metallurgical sector in Barcelona, ​​to whom we provide trust, experience and service. At Ferros Texar we provide the best product to carry out manufacturing processes, and provide solutions with a high degree of satisfaction.

We adapt to your needs

We have products adapted to each type of company that works with metal. We have the key to solving your sheet steel needs, no matter where, when and how.

Maximum quality and diversity in sheets

Transportation Services and Customer Service

Our guarantee is the commitment to customer service. We offer delivery of sheet steel products within 24/48 hours. All delivery times and agreements acquired are strictly complied with.

Transportation Services and Customer Service

More than 15 years of experience in the sector

We bring the experience of more than a decade in the metallurgy sector, with continuous growth and expansion, adding services and clients throughout Spain and more countries.

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Kilos of steel
Shipments to all Spain

A great little company

We are a company dedicated to the distribution of sheet metal for the metal industry with more than 14 years of experience. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the sector over the years, we have the ability to offer all types of products for mechanical workshops, laser sheet metal cutting companies, large industry, small industrial and construction, according to the needs of each customer. We have a team of professionals who ensure and guarantee trust and proximity. Our values ​​lie in specialization, personalized service and advice, fast delivery times and a diversification of products for broad industrial sectors. With time, effort and dedication we have become a small big company.