Galvanized steel to protect from corrosion? This material is one of the most powerful in the fight against corrosion. Good proof of this is in the number of architectural projects in which it has been used, especially in coastal areas. It also aims to prolong the useful life of buildings.

Galvanized steel process to protect from corrosion

The galvanizing process is a technique that has been used for more than 250 years and whose objective is protect steel from corrosion. This effect is caused by an inherence of metals when they are subjected to air or humidity. This is due to a chemical reaction with the environment.

It is important that you do not confuse this process with zinc plating, since they are totally different and, in addition, are governed by different UNE standards.

In practice it consists of a process of immersion of steel parts in molten zinc. Temperatures can reach 450º until a low or highly durable coating is achieved.

The most common method is hot dip galvanized. In this process we must distinguish a series of Phases:

  1. Surface Preparation. It is necessary to degrease or apply caustic cleaning, as well as stripping and fluxing. On the other hand, it is necessary to check that the design characteristics are correct to carry out the coating.
  2. Pickling. In this part, the oxides that the iron has have to be eliminated using a sulfuric acid solution.
  3. Galvanized. The piece is immersed in 98% pure zinc. In addition, any remaining excess zinc must also be removed with a drainage process.
  4. Inspection. The thickness of the coating and the appearance of the surface are checked.

Norms and quality standards

The marketing process includesseveral phases that are reflected below: hot dip galvanized It is governed by a series of norms and quality standards:

Features and advantages of galvanized steel

El Galvanised steel It is used in numerous industries due to the numerous characteristics and advantages it provides.

El use It is very simple and, in addition, this type of steel is very manageable. You can create numerous structures and be part of many processes related to the construction sector. This is so, since galvanized parts can be welded (it must be considered that the zinc layer can be repaired with a specific paint). They also screw together without difficulty.

With regards to  duration, an 80 micron coating can last between 10 and 100 years. However, in coastal environments the durability of galvanized steel is reduced (between 10 and 20 years).

Galvanized steel is also very fire resistant, a characteristic that makes it an ideal material for the construction of buildings. It is also used for its load capacity, a fact that contributes to the fullfilment of security requirements of the buildings is larger.

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Applications of galvanized steel

The uses of steel galvanized type are very numerous in terms of manufacturing elements and structures of all types. We highlight: bars, wires, cables, sheets, structural steel, pipes, screws, etc. It is very versatile and has become an essential type of material in the construction field.

On the other hand, there are many industries that use galvanized steel in construction: bridges, roads, architectural structures, columns, beams, signaling elements, railings, etc.

La Construction Industry As such, it is the one that makes the most use of this material. It is present in practically all buildings: facades, steel reinforcements for concrete slabs and tubes, among other uses.

There's others sectors who also use it, but to a lesser extent. The railway sector (poles and switches), recreation (football stadiums and sand courts), electrical sector (transmission towers, poles, etc.).

The great advantage of galvanized steel is its adaptability to all types of buildings, from residential to industrial or commercial complexes.

Projects and examples

The architectural projects in which galvanized steel has been used to protect against corrosion are very numerous.

Among those we can highlight is the famous Magic Box of Madrid (multidisciplinary space to host events of all kinds). The high temperatures in Madrid in summer can cause corrosion, which is why this material was used in the design and creation of this infrastructure.

All the  stations of Barcelona Metro Line 9 They have also been built with this material. The load capacity of galvanized steel has made it the ideal material to build transportation stations that are underground.

In the design and construction of the Sports Center for Physical-Sports Activities located in Guijo de Granadilla He also used this material because of its proximity to the sea. Over the years it has been seen that corrosion has not been present in the structure of this sports center.

These are just some examples of the numerous infrastructures that decided to use this material at the beginning of their projects.

In summary, the galvanized steel to protect from corrosion It provides numerous advantages (longer life, fire resistance, etc.). It is important to choose this material, but of the highest quality and, furthermore, that it meets quality standards. It is an investment that represents cost savings over time in repairs and maintenance. If you need a quote or advice, contact with Texar Ferros.