We are very happy to announce that this year our company Ferros Texar turns 15 years old (2006-2021). And we continue with the same enthusiasm from the beginning, that of embarking on a new path. And although during these years we have been evolving and improving as people and as a company, there are always potholes, but the key is not to give up. Thus, We are very happy to continue here offering the best of ourselves every day.


The beginning of a new age

Ernest Teixidó, the manager of Ferros Texar, wanted to tell us about the beginnings of a new era in this company and its evolution with him as Manager, with Ester Basso in Logistics and Customer Service, and with Xavier Ariño as Head of Sales.

Ernest explains to us: “Ferros Texar was born 15 years ago from the company where I previously worked, which decided to be bought by another company in the sector.

From that moment on, and from that change in management, I did not feel comfortable with new buyers and decided to start thinking about how to establish myself on my own.

Thus, FERROS TEXAR is officially established April 6 2006  and, immediately afterwards, we contacted the property managers to rent the warehouse where we are currently located.”


Evolution of Ferros Texar

Many things can happen in 15 years and Ernest explained to us how the evolution of Ferros Texar was: “Little by little we are buying materials to have stock and thus be able to make the first sales. This was possible thanks to the response of our former clients. The joy lasted only a few years, since as a result of the 2008 crisis, we began to receive many defaults, especially in 2009, but luckily, we were able to resist and get through the small bump.”

“The company continues to grow little by little until the opportunity to rent the warehouse next door appears. In this second warehouse we started a new sheet metal cutting activity and bought the first machine: a hydraulic shear, which cuts up to 10mm. This activity offers us a plus to the business, but we knew that we needed something more to grow. So this year we bought the second machine, one mechanical shear with more cutting capacity. "

“Also, in 2020 we began to allow card payment in our establishments for individuals, with the aim of offering greater service and quality in this, values ​​that represent us and that we have always worked for.”



Then came digitalization, as he explains: “We got the idea of ​​starting to work from the digital marketing industry to achieve greater sales and reach more clients and sectors that would never have known us without this tool. We contact the agency Infusion, we launch a new website and, thanks to their great work and strategic vision, today this is reflected in more orders and new clients. “A complete success”

“And by going digital, we also had the opportunity to expand to new markets, throughout Europe and in North Africa. Our success story has been Algeria, where we received an order for galvanized sheets. After several months of procedures and logistics, we were able to export our plates to Algeria. “A great opportunity and adventure.”


Thanks to all

On behalf of the entire team we say: Thank you! We want to thank all the clients who have trusted us throughout our history. 

15 years have passed and today we can offer material to many types of companies: mechanical workshops, laser sheet metal cutting companies, large small industrial companies, the construction sector and private clients.

We are happy when our clients are also happy and this makes us strive harder every day to continue growing and improving to offer a better service. Again, thank you very much for your loyalty!