It is not strange to find perforated steel sheets on exteriors and interiors of buildings and homes. Both its ornamental characteristics and its great utility make this material very precious. The different perforations that you can find respond to the needs of each user or, simply, to their whim when requesting them.

Know the characteristics of perforated steel sheets

You can see various types of sheets, in addition to those made of steel, such as those offered by Texar Ferros. Aluminum and iron ones are also highly sought after, although stainless steel ones are perfect for any type of environment, especially outdoors.

Great versatility

Many users highlight their function hairsalon, by achieving perfect harmony in an environment Minimalist. Of course we cannot fail to point out its functionality in multiple structures. The steel sheet is very versatile, since it can be part of the furniture of a room and, obviously, as decoration, when it is properly treated.

Resistant material

Su resistance It is very relevant, as well as the fact that it is an antioxidant, because it can remain outdoors without seriously suffering from climatic problems. You will be surprised by its durability, which means savings for your pocket.

A technological achievement

When we talk about perforations in a steel sheet we are referring to the print that we produce on a sheet of this material. This is possible thanks to new technologies and the benefits of the sheet metal, which allows its perfect handling. From ironing to finding it rolled up, it provides many uses.

The different ways you can find

The types of perforations that you can find will help you use them in different options. Although the shapes sometimes have a function, such as the penetration of solar rays, they almost always obey a decorative taste. Texar Ferros We offer you various very attractive options.

Round perforations

All the  round perforations They are among the most requested and, therefore, are more common to find in different buildings. You can request them in sheets with dimensions of 2000 x 1000 mm and 3000 x 1500 mm.

Likewise, you have the possibility of selecting a 1500 mm coil. The different steels we work with are sweet, galvanized and antioxidant, which allows you to adapt to your decorative tastes.

Square holes

Brianda square holes, you have at your disposal the standard sheet metal dimension of 2000 x 1000 mm. As with the round ones, you can choose the type of steel you prefer among the options we present to you. You can see each square perforation with dimensions ranging from 1,5 x 2 mm to 20 x 300 mm.

Round mill perforations

With a perforation from 1 to 12 mm, depending on the type of thickness you request, you have another very practical alternative here. Taking into account the standard dimensions that we use, this miller round shape refers to the particles that can pass through the sheet.

Here you will find a type of sheet metal that, in addition to being used for ornamental purposes, can be found in utensils in the food industry and other areas.

Long rounded perforations

Permeability and transparency define this type of perforation, which allows sunlight to pass through perfectly. In the same way, it ensures that heat does not accumulate in a certain room.

Decorative perforations in sheet steel

The type of perforated sheets with decorative motifs deserves a special section. It is possible to order a personalized panel, within the possibilities that you will see in Texar Ferros. You always can contact with us to share the ideas you have and how you would like a certain design to look.

From flowery motifs, where geometric shapes achieve aesthetic contours, perfect for any corner of the house, even varied designs that you can request. If you are wondering how to use these plates, as well as the rest of the options, it is necessary to look at several examples.

What are perforated sheets used for?

All the  Steel sheets They have always had widespread use in different areas. Vehicles and machinery have benefited from its characteristics. The industry has also made it very useful.

Drilling in sheet metal has expanded its use

As there are many types of piercing, there are also a multitude of jobs that you can turn to. The decorative appearance what she has taken makes them want to introduce her more and more into the architecture. In this way, quite attractive exterior appearances are achieved, although they do not fulfill an essential function in the building.

Likewise, you will see this option in many homes, specifically outdoors, where they function as separating fence. Keep in mind that, depending on its thickness, you have the opportunity to obtain a very resistant sheet.

It is used for the creation of Rails and even exterior stairs, capable of supporting many kilos of weight. Balconies and terraces They can be protected by these sheets, with decorative shapes that combine perfectly with the interior decoration.

Regarding circular milling perforations, there are many types of strainers who use this material, due to its durable nature. By allowing tiny grains to pass and stopping the passage of branches or leaves, the farming industry benefits from its use. You can soundproof a room with the help of perforated sheet metal, while at the same time it serves as an ornament.