Steel as a construction material is one of the most used and this is due to the number of advantages it offers compared to other alternatives. When using it, it is possible to lift structures of great complexity and height, which amaze the entire planet. which are your main benefits? From Ferros Texar, we explain them to you below.

The main advantages of steel as a construction material

The characteristics of steel make it suitable for construction. This iron and carbon alloy adapts to almost any structure that you want to create. It will maintain its shape for long periods of time, is capable of withstanding high temperatures, can be easily welded and has high hardness, among other qualities. All of them combined offer you these advantages.

It is a sustainable material

It is a material that can be easily recycled, since just melt it again. In addition, it is biodegradable and during this process it does not generate polluting elements. In this way, you can build structures that respect the environment without major complications, which prevents you from having to resort to more expensive alternatives.

High durability

The durability of steel depends, as with other materials, on the maintenance you carry out. If this is the right one, structures can last indefinitely. Furthermore, in certain circumstances, the material does not require any care. However, try to carry out periodic checks to anticipate problems that may appear.

Good ductility

It is capable of withstanding deformations without ceasing to fulfill its structural purpose. It is lengthened or reduced without damage appearing or fractures both on the surface and inside. This makes it difficult for a strong blow to break the steel and allows it to withstand high loads without problems. Furthermore, depending on the temperature to which it is exposed, it contracts or expands.

Easy to combine

El steel can be welded with a wide variety of materials, a process that is carried out with astonishing ease. This allows structures to be erected in less time and provide them with certain characteristics, such as lightness or resistance. By being able to combine several construction elements, you have all kinds of possibilities before you.

Furthermore, it is a material that allows prefabrication of certain parts of the structure, with the savings in construction times that this entails. It also helps achieve greater precision and accuracy throughout the process.

Beyond welding joints, steel allows other alternatives, such as screws or rivets. It is very good when it is going to be used simultaneously with other materials, especially metals. This is a quality that you will find in the Steel sheets what we offer you in Texar Ferros.


Present a great resistance against malformations and other damages. This is why steel is present in constructions located in regions hit by natural disasters. When kept in good condition, the building structure can withstand an earthquake or hurricane. In addition, it facilitates the lifting of less heavy structures, but not more fragile due to this circumstance.

It is uniform

Its uniformity is due to the fact that Its properties are not altered over time. This does not happen with other metals, such as copper, which change over the years. Thus, the steel will continue to maintain its durability or resistance for years after it has been placed. A real advantage when it comes to building safe structures over the decades.

It is a versatile material

The physical and mechanical properties of steel mean that it is used in all types of structures. Thanks to its versatility, You can use it to raise a block of flats, bridges or any other building. This advantage facilitates experimentation and contributes to innovation in the construction sector.

Eiffel Tower - steel as a construction material, Ferros Texar Blog

The disadvantages of steel

Despite the benefits it offers, steel is not a perfect material. It has some disadvantages that you should also take into account, since they will fully affect any structure in which you include this material.

Fire related problems

It can withstand a fire without problems, but Your resistance and flexibility will be reduced. If you are exposed to more events like this, you will continue to lose this ability. Likewise, it has been proven that it is a good conductor and spreader of fire. It spreads heat throughout its structure at high speed and it is possible to reach the temperature at which it begins to soften.

As well increases the temperature of rooms in which there is no fire, something that causes flames to appear on very flammable targets.

It is not advisable to stretch it

Another disadvantage you will encounter arises when the steel takes on a slender column shape. In these cases, your ability to support heavy weights is compromised. This is because the compression to which it is subjected increases the chances of elastic buckling, which will cause damage to the structure or bending.

In addition, the slenderer the column, the greater the risk of buckling. To solve this, it is necessary to use a large amount of steel to make the supporting element. In this way, it becomes more rigid and resistant. Another alternative is to use material profiles with properties that prevent the appearance of this problem.

It is sensitive to corrosion

Although stainless steel resists corrosion, There are other types that do not have this quality. The disadvantage manifests itself when exposing the material to the outside. Little by little, the effects of rain will degrade the outer layers, so it is advisable to carefully choose the most appropriate class for each use.

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In short, the azero as construction material It is outstanding, but not perfect. It has advantages that make it very useful for lifting almost any structure. These will enjoy good qualities, which will remain intact for years and without negatively affecting the environment. And if you are looking for a specialist who knows it in depth, at Ferror Texar we are waiting for you. ¡Do not hesitate to contact us!