Steel sheets with corten oxidation

La corten steel sheet They are of great quality. The sheet is composed of a multi-application structural steel, resistant to atmospheric corrosion. When it oxidizes, it acquires different shades, which is why it is used for applications in which the decorative and maintenance factors are important.

It is supplied unrusted, like all quality steels. It is advisable that, after sandblasting or shot blasting, the material be left outdoors so that it oxidizes through a natural process. When the acquired tone is the desired one, the oxidation process is stopped and it can be left as is or the surface can be varnished with weathering varnish, lacquers or any other product that insulates the steel surface from atmospheric contact.

If the oxidation process is stopped with these methods, one of the most interesting qualities of this steel is lost, which does not require maintenance. Therefore, it is best to leave it outdoors until the oxidation process is finished (the material acquires a dark brown tone and the surface does not release rust dust).

We do not advise accelerating corrosion through artificial methods, but, if you nevertheless want to accelerate oxidation artificially, one possibility is to attack the surface with reduced acids or reduced iron sulfide.

In both the case of natural and artificial oxidation, the oxidation of the surface is rarely uniform, remaining darker in the areas where the oxidation has been more intense and vice versa. To even out the tone of the surface, it is best to let the oxidation run its course until it stops, leaving the tone even.

If you want to artificially accelerate it, in places where the surface is lighter, you can return to the previously NOT RECOMMENDED systems, until you achieve the desired tone.

Measurements of Corten Steel Sheets

Length (mm) Width (mm) thickness (mm)
2000 1000 1,5/2/3/4/5/6/8/10
3000 1500 2/3/4/5/6/8/10

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