Steel is that metal that comes from the alignment between iron and carbon. It is a widely used material, especially in construction, but it is also very present in many aspects of daily life. 

Indeed, steel is present in many of the objects that we use and that surround us, such as cans, drums, etc.

We already talked in a previous article about the various uses of steel and its ductility, while hhey in this article, we will tell you some curiosities about steel that maybe you didn't know.

curiosities about steel

Curiosities about steel

  • The physical and mechanical properties of steel vary depending on its composition and thermal, chemical or mechanical treatment.
  • Steel has elasticity, expansion capacity, hardness and is malleable and resistant. It is a great electrical conductor and has use and applications in many sectors such as: construction, machinery, tools (automobiles, trains, ships, food and industrial, household appliances, etc.)
  • The average density of steel is 7850 kg/m³.
  • Steel is an alloy of iron (more than 98%) and carbon, and sometimes other elements are added, for example, nickel or chromium.
  • If used in nuclear plants, it is capable of resisting approximately 300 degrees under 200 atmospheres, for a total of 40 years.
  • Steel can be recycled. Every minute a total of 700 tons are recycled and the good thing is that the water used for its creation can be recycled as well as the metal itself.
  • The average cost of a kilo of steel is similar to that of a loaf of bread. Since this material is very cheap, it is frequently used in the construction sector.
  • If we put a sheet of resin between two steel sheets, the sound level is reduced.
  • After iron, steel is the most used metal in the world.
  • This material is produced in many places around the world. The largest producer is China, followed by Japan, India, the United States and Russia.
  • Its resistance is so great that a steel wire two millimeters thick could lift a ton of weight.
  • If the Eiffel Tower were built again with today's steel, it would be three to four times lighter.

eiffel-tower, curiosities about steel

  • The most common type of steel is stainless. Invented at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, unlike other types of steel that come coated with others to give them certain characteristics, stainless steel is a solid metal, without any coating.
  • It can be used to make clothes. What is produced is a steel thread that can be used to make steel fabrics. As you can imagine, the clothes obtained will be very resistant.