We want to tell you again about our company and how we have evolved. Ferros Texar was born in 2006 and since then, we have been working and expanding both services and product variety. Thus, throughout 2020 we have added shear cutting, and we already allow the card payment in our establishments for individuals because of the spirit and quality that represents us. However, the most significant development this year has been our expansion abroad.


Who do we sell to?

We have been working at the service of professionals in the metallurgical sector. We offer all types of products for mechanical workshops, laser sheet metal cutting companies, large industry, small industrial and construction. 

In the last year we have also started offering the direct retail sales service, since the demand for sheet metal by individuals began to grow more and more due, mainly, to the use of steel in decorative and structural elements of houses and gardens. 

steel garden decoration

Expansion to NEW MARKETS

We work with different types of steel sheets: hot rolled sheet, polished, pickled, galvanized, cut and perforated sheet, among others.

We are very happy to announce that this year We have started exporting to all of Europe and North Africa, quite a challenge!


A success story: ALGERIA

Recently, we received an email from Algeria requesting galvanized sheets. After a few months of negotiations and finalizing details and logistics, we were able to carry out the operation of export of our plates to Algeria. Now we will see how these markets continue to advance and we plan to expand even more. 

galvanized sheet

News on the web

Thanks to these new expansions in different markets, we decided to make some changes to continue professionalizing our company and, in this way, be able to reach more places. One of the first actions was to translate the website into four languages. In this way, the contents of the website They are now presented in English, French and Portuguese. This makes it possible to communicate with new customers and attract new ones from new markets. 


Why are we special?

We feel satisfied with our work when our clients are also satisfied. This makes us strive harder every day to continue growing and improving.

In addition, What differentiates us is that we have permanent stock; which allows us to meet the daily demands and needs of our clients. Orders are prepared the same day as the order and we deliver it within 24/48 hours, always ensuring that the material reaches its destination in perfect condition. 


Therefore, if you are a company, professional or wholesaler in Europe or North Africa and are looking for steel sheets, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your service wherever you need us.