Hot dip galvanized steels

Galvanized steels are covered by a layer of zinc or iron-zinc steel, applied through a continuous hot immersion process, which provides these materials with excellent protection against corrosion, as they add to the physical barrier of the coating. , the galvanic action of zinc.

These products are suitable for your use, both indoors and outdoors. Some of its main uses are: automotive, construction, household appliances, air conditioning equipment, etc.

El thickness of the zinc or iron-zinc layer It can be from a minimum of 60g/m2 up to a maximum of 700g/m2 and are available in qualities ranging from drawing and forming steels, structural steels and high elastic limit steels.

References and Measurements

Galvanized Sheets DX51 Z140/200

Format (mm) thickness (mm)
2000 x 1000 0,6/0,8/1/1,2/1,5/2/2,5/3
2500 x 1250 0,8/1/1,2/1,5/2/2,5/3
3000 x 1500 0,6/0,8/1/1,2/1,5/2/2,5/3/4

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