In the early 70s, car manufacturers had to make big changes. The great energy crisis at that time accelerated the arrival of low-consumption vehicles. One of the factors that allowed the manufacture of this type of car was high elastic limit steel (ALE). A range of materials that made it possible to reduce the weight of the vehicle and maintain the performance of conventional steels.


What is high yield steel?

The high elastic limit steels They are steels high resistancewhose mechanical properties are superior to other steels.

Thanks to the characteristics of these materials, steel parts that are thinner, stronger and lighter can be designed and manufactured. 


Properties of high elastic limit steel

The properties of this material allow us to design and build light, resistant and sustainable transport equipment, with a very low tare weight that makes it possible to increase the load capacity and also improve the safety coefficient.

This material was created for reduce weight in constructions subjected to large dynamic and static forces. High elastic limit steels are ideal for:

  • Railway vehicles
  • Cranes and elevators
  • Construction
  • Farm Equipment
  • Rippers, Dumpers…
  • welded structures
  • Automobiles

The demand for this type of steel grows day by day, frequently as a replacement for structural steels, since due to their high elastic limit they represent a great weight saving compared to the latter. They are also in great demand in the automotive sector, where they contribute, to a large extent, to weight savings in the bodies.

Although high elastic limit steels have a higher cost than the most common commercial steels, the design advantages offered by this product are reflected in the manufacturing process and the final product.


High elastic limit steel in automotive

The characteristics of high elastic limit steel make this material the most suitable for the manufacture of parts for the automotive sector.

Currently, the Automotive industry is one of the most important for the world economy. And furthermore, steel becomes the essential material in the sector thanks to its great resistance, as we explain in our article on “The importance of steel in the automotive industry".

High elastic limit steel in bodywork

they serve to structural components of vehicle bodies, such as reinforcements, engine mounts and sleepers. But they are also used in other types of applications such as transmission components, belts, rails, seats, security, etc. 

Furthermore, the good weldability of these steels makes them one of the best options for these applications in the automotive sector.


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