¿How to choose steel sheets for the project you are going to carry out? In this post you will find a small guide to determine which sheets are the most appropriate according to the typologies and specific needs.


How to choose steel sheets according to the different types


En Texar Ferros We market the vast majority of sheets made of steel that exist on the market. There are many, so before choosing the ones you need you have to know the different types.


Hot Rolled Sheet/Black Sheet


La black sheet metal It is one of the most common on the market.


It is made by electromechanical deformation. This process consists of transforming the material by producing deformation at high temperatures.


This sheet metal is widely used in the manufacture of wheels, automotive parts and building construction.


En Texar Ferros we distribute black sheet metal according to the measurements you need.


Galvanized sheet


This type of sheet metal has received a hot galvanized treatment. To do this, the sheet is immersed in a zinc crucible to cover it with this material. Now, what is the objective? protect the metal from the harmful effects of corrosion and oxidation


For these reasons, galvanized sheet It is widely used in the construction of metal structures, in urban furniture, and even in aesthetic construction solutions in homes and businesses.


Corten steel sheet


Corten sheet is a type of sheet that is made from a very special type of steel due to its chemical composition. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is an alloy of steel with other metals (copper or nickel, for example), thus causing this sheet to acquire colors with reddish tones. This particularity means that the oxidation of the material contains protective elements to combat the corrosion that may be generated when in contact with atmospheric agents. This protection also means that subsequent treatments such as galvanizing or painting do not have to be applied.



Furthermore, it is totally raincoat to the effects of the weather (rain, wind, hail, etc.).


It is mainly used in special type constructions, especially in those that are intended to give a touch weatherable, that is, its appearance varies depending on the climate and time of year. On the other hand, there are many artists who have used this type of steel sheet in their creations.


Laser sheet


This is not a type of sheet metal as such, but it is important to highlight those that have been cut by laser given their importance in the market.


El target of this cut is to build pieces of different geometric shapes and sizes. Furthermore, if you have advanced cutting machines, you can achieve great versatility in the cutting contour and great precision in the details.


This type of cut is usually used for manufacturing of parts for the automotive sector, as well as industries of all types that need specific parts. In addition, since no tools are needed, savings in time and costs are obtained.


Structural steel


Structural steel sheets are those that are formed by a alloy of iron, carbon and small amounts of other elements such as, for example, phosphorus, sulfur and manganese, among others. The more carbon is added to the alloy, the greater the resistance is obtained and, in addition, the ductility of the product decreases.


Among its and advantages The most notable are the following:


  • High ductility.
  • Retains its shape in different sizes.
  • It is a guarantor of uniformity in the quality of steel.
  • High heat tolerance.
  • It can be welded.


It is the type of steel most used in constructions of buildings, as well as in industrial warehouses, parking lots and bridges. This is because they help support the floor, roof and walls of buildings and high rises, as well as for channels and beams.


Perforated plate


The perforated sheet is also one of the most used and, furthermore, it is very common to see it in numerous structures and constructions.


It is mainly characterized by having geometric perforations following a certain pattern (holes, squares, triangles, etc.). It is very versatile, as it combines excellent features with aesthetic appearance.


It is used practically in the vast majority of industries: shipping, food, chemistry, etc. In addition, it is also used as a decorative solution, for heating and ventilation and for urban equipment.


En Texar Ferros we also market perforated sheets.


Cold Rolled Sheets/Polished Sheet


It is a type of product that is obtained by transverse cuts of cold rolled steel coils.


If you want to get a quality finish and better mechanical properties, this is the sheet you have to choose. In contrast to hot rolling, much thinner pieces can be obtained with this process.


At construction It is used to manufacture metal structures, tubes and closed profiles (doors, façade elements, etc.). In the industry It is mainly used for the manufacture of all types of household appliances, as well as for the manufacture of elements and parts for vehicles. This type of steel sheets are usually purchased by large metal industries that provide their services to construction companies, as well as precision mechanical industries.


In conclusion, if you don't know yet how to choose steel sheets for your projects, do not hesitate to contact us.