stripped sheets distributor in Barcelona

En Texar Ferros, we have permanent stock of one of the most used materials in a variety of sectors: hot rolled sheet.

We have products of various sizes: 6000x1500x3 at 12mm, 6000x2000x3 at 12 mm and 4000x2000x3 at 10 mm. Making it easier to adapt to more jobs and industry types

Check out our products in permanent stock and learn about their advantages!

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Our hot rolled sheets are of high quality. When reference is made to this rolling, it is highlighted that it is one of the final processes in the manufacture of steel. It is a product used in all fields of industry, being the one with the greatest production and consumption.

Main features

Its process is always carried out at very high temperatures in order to be able to mold the steel properly. In this way it becomes malleable and is forged into various shapes.

Its advantages include durability, possibility of using and molding the material for multiple functions, reinforcement directed at the most stressed areas of the components, an improvement in mechanical characteristics, and unbeatable properties in terms of shape and fit.

Hot rolled usually has a rougher surface and is a bluish gray color.

Allows the manufacture of beams and other structural components.

It usually has certain differences with cold rolled sheet.

En Texar Ferros, we can supply the material in its final state of lamination or strippingIn this case the material is protected by a layer of oil on both sides. If you prefer, you can order hot-rolled sheets from us without oiling, assuming the risks of oxidation.

Benefit from our products in permanent stock!

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