Steel sheets cut to size

The process of cut-to-size steel sheets is essential in the manufacture of metal structures, industrial machinery and a wide variety of products that require dimensional precision.

This procedure allows steel sheets to be tailored to the exact specifications of a project, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

In the context of industrial machinery, dimensional accuracy is crucial to ensure the efficient and safe operation of equipment. Cut-to-size sheets are used to manufacture casings, bases, support parts and other components that make up machinery. By adapting the steel sheets to the specific needs of each machine, a perfect fit and proper alignment of the different elements is ensured, which contributes to prolonging the useful life of the equipment and minimizing the risk of failures or breakdowns.

In addition, cut-to-size sheets are essential in the manufacture of a wide variety of products that require dimensional precision, such as cladding panels, parts for the automotive industry, components for electronic equipment, among others. In these cases, the ability to adapt the steel sheets to the exact specifications of the final product guarantees its quality and functionality, as well as greater efficiency in the manufacturing process.


Steel sheets available for cutting to size:

At Ferros Texar we can produce custom cuts on our entire range of sheets.

Available thicknesses and cuts:

The formats are cut by shears and the thicknesses that can be supplied are from 0,8mm to 6mm.

Check all the qualities of sheets that we have available here.

What tools do we use for cutting?

At Ferros Texar we use shear cutting machines, both hydraulic and mechanical. Shear cutting machines are essential in the metallurgical industry due to their ability to make clean and precise cuts in highly resistant materials, such as steel.

At Ferros Texar, we use both hydraulic and mechanical models to adapt to the specific needs of each task.

Hydraulic shear cutting machines are known for their power and ability to handle thick materials with ease. They use hydraulic force to apply gradual, controlled pressure on the material, resulting in clean, precise cuts. This technology allows us to work with a wide variety of steel sheet thicknesses, guaranteeing uniformity and quality in our final products.

On the other hand, mechanical shear cutting machines are appreciated for their speed and efficiency in production. They use a cutting mechanism driven by mechanical energy to make quick, precise cuts in material. This speed allows us to increase productivity and meet demanding delivery deadlines, without compromising the quality of our products.

By combining these two shear cutting technologies, both hydraulic and mechanical, we are able to address a wide range of projects and meet the specific needs of our customers.