In previous articles on our blog we have talked about the use of sheet steel in industrial sectors. Today we want to tell you more about the use of this material in a sector that is not only industrial.

Yes, because steel is an element that has always been present in our lives, especially in architecture since it is a light, resistant, durable and ductile material.

First of all… Would you like to know how steel is produced? In our previous blog We explain it to you.


The applications of steel

If you look closely we are surrounded by steel: there is steel in our cars, in the streets and highways. Thanks to its aesthetic design and functionalities, this material is used for both exterior and interior decoration of homes or even outdoor furniture in towns.

steel applications - bridge in Shanghai


All cans and food containers, for example, are made of steel, since it is odorless and does not corrode.

In particular, perforated steel sheets are the most used for private use. They give us resistance, permeability and transparency. In addition, it has endless functionalities... From separations, insulation, protection, utensils and tools and even decorations. That is why the sale of perforated sheets has skyrocketed.


For example, railings that are made of perforated sheets, thanks to this material, help to have good visibility while providing privacy. Furthermore, in ceilings and interior coverings it is a great option, since apart from absorbing sound, they provide ventilation through the air that circulates and the sun enters without burning too much.


Other types of steel

Likewise, there are different types of perforated steel, round, square, triangular, rectangular, oval, hexagonal, rhomboidal or irregular holes.

Although perforated steel is a great thing to do the things we have mentioned before, there are other types of steel, such as: stainless steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled, cold rolled, high tensile strength, Corten steel and structured sheets, etc. .



The applications of steel – corten steel

One of the materials preferred by landscaping professionals is Corten steel as it is durable, requires no maintenance and is resistant. It can have different colors and shapes and adapts perfectly to the different styles of our garden. In addition, its high content of copper, chromium and nickel makes it acquire a very elegant natural brown/reddish color. Corten steel has great manageability during the oxidation process, due to the effect of light and atmospheric conditions that affect this type of element.

steel applications - corten steel

Did you know that the average natural oxidation rate of Corten steel is between 12-18 months? Additionally, with this type of steel the rust will be rougher, less dense and the texture will be orange. 

It is usually used for decorative elements such as planters.

steel applications corten steel


The applications of steel – cold rolled steel

cold rolled steel applications

This type of steel is usually used for places where dimensional strength, resistance and quality of finish are fragile. Metal furniture, appliances and household items, light lamps, etc. are usually made. 


The applications of steel – hot rolled steel

steel applications - hot rolled

On the other hand, for this type of steel, it is usually used when the resistance in which the finish is not brittle. Additionally, thanks to its hot dry finish it is great for art sculptures.


As you have read, with steel you can make a multitude of objects, structures and constructions, both on a professional, artistic and individual level. Did you already know everything that can be done? …