Applications of steel in the metallurgical sector

In the vast world of metallurgy, steel emerges as a central player, playing a fundamental role in a wide variety of processes and products. Its versatility, resistance and durability make it an indispensable material in the metallurgical industry. That is why we would like to discuss the various applications of steel in this sector, highlighting

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The importance of the quality of hot rolled steel sheet in the safety and reliability of your project

When carrying out a construction project, the correct choice of the materials to be used is of vital importance. One of them is steel, which must be of quality, to guarantee an integrated and durable structure. In this article we will explain the main characteristics of laminated steel sheet

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Tips for proper maintenance of steel sheets

The purpose of this article is to provide a guide and practical advice on the correct conservation of steel sheets. In other words, we will explore the crucial importance of caring for and preserving this material in a variety of environments and applications. By doing so, you will be able to extend its durability and ensure optimal performance over time.

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The different types of galvanization used in the manufacture of steel sheets

Do you really know the importance of galvanizing steel sheets? What are the characteristics of its different types of manufacturing? For construction, architecture or renovation companies, knowing how to distinguish the industrial application in the use of each model is essential. In this entry we clarify all doubts. Keep reading. What is galvanization? It is about

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Tools and machines used in cutting steel sheets

Cutting steel sheets is an industrial process that you can carry out using different techniques, tools and machinery. Choosing the most appropriate ones for each particular case is essential to obtain an accurate result. In this article we want to teach you how to make the best decision, according to your specific cutting needs. Are you interested in knowing more?

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Why are steel sheets a smart investment for your construction project?

When planning any type of project, it is essential that you make intelligent decisions and carefully choose the materials you are going to use. Therefore, in this article we want to present to you all the benefits that steel sheets for construction can offer you. Advantages of steel sheets for

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How galvanized steel can protect buildings from corrosion

Galvanized steel to protect from corrosion? This material is one of the most powerful in the fight against corrosion. Good proof of this is in the number of architectural projects in which it has been used, especially in coastal areas. It also aims to prolong the useful life of buildings. steel process

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Interior and exterior design using perforated steel sheets

Designing interior and exterior spaces that are functional and attractive is one of the great current objectives of many architects and decorators. Therefore, in this article we want to present the main benefits that you have at your disposal using perforated steel sheet for interiors and exteriors. The added value of perforated steel sheet

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What are perforated steel sheets and what are they used for?

It is not unusual to find perforated steel sheets on the exteriors and interiors of buildings and homes. Both its ornamental characteristics and its great utility make this material very precious. The different perforations that you can find respond to the needs of each user or, simply, to their whim when requesting them. Know the features

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How to choose the right steel sheets for your project?

How to choose steel sheets for the project you are going to carry out? In this post you will find a small guide to determine which sheets are the most appropriate according to the typologies and specific needs. How to choose steel sheets according to the different types At Ferros Texar we sell the vast majority of sheets manufactured in

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