The evolution of steel sheets: From manufacturing to installation.

For the installation of steel in any structure, there is a complex prior process of working on the materials. In this post we will explain how the treatment of steel sheets is, from its manufacturing to the final installation, through its transformation and the different ways in which they work. Now, let's start with the

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The steel market in Spain

Spain occupies third place in steel production in the European Union, surpassed by Germany and Italy, and with very little difference with respect to France. In 2015 it was the sixteenth largest steel producer in the world, according to data from the World Steel Association. Spain has 22 steel mills, complemented by 50 primary transformation and rolling facilities,

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10 Curious facts about steel

Without a doubt, steel is one of the most used materials in different sectors due to its extraordinary qualities. In this post we will discover 10 curious facts about steel that you may not know. We begin. 1. What is steel? Steel is based on an alloy whose main compound is iron (98%) together with carbon. Being an alloy, it is not considered

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The 3 steel sheets with the most demand in 2022

Steel is one of the most used alloys both in industry and construction. The most sought-after steel sheets have multiple uses in numerous areas, from civil engineering to the motor industry. In this article we are going to focus our attention on the most used types of steel: galvanized steel,

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What is galvanized steel? Where is it used?

Galvanized steel is one of the main materials used in the manufacturing and design of different types of industrial components. In this article we will explain the different uses of galvanized steel and its main characteristics. Main characteristics of galvanized steel This type of steel is formed by a layer of zinc, from

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Advantages and disadvantages of steel as a construction material

Steel as a construction material is one of the most used and this is due to the number of advantages it offers over other alternatives. By using it, it is possible to build structures of great complexity and height, which amaze the entire planet. which are your main benefits? From Ferros Texar, we

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Cold and hot rolled steel: differences and advantages

Steel is not a natural element that is found in its pure state in nature. It is an alloy of iron and carbon. It comes in many different grades (there are over 3500) with unique properties, finishes, shapes and specifications; this, with the aim of being used in all types of industries and

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The use of steel in agriculture

The use of steel in agriculture was one of the great advances that allowed agricultural production to be modernized a few centuries ago. In this article, we will explain some of the main aspects that you should take into account to achieve maximum performance. Historical evolution of steel and agricultural construction Although steel and agricultural construction began

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Steel: importance and uses

It can be considered one of the most used materials in construction, but at the same time the most unknown. Steel extends to dozens of uses, on all continents, and has even been the protagonist of geopolitical conflicts. This material became popular in the Old Continent in the XNUMXth century. Since then, the importance of steel has not ceased

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Galvanized steel sheet: what it is and how it differs from other types of sheets

Have you ever heard of galvanized steel sheet? If the answer is negative, we advise you to continue reading, as we will tell you the most important thing from scratch. If it is positive, we also encourage you to stay in this article, as we will present an interesting comparison with other types of sheet metal. After all,

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