Steelmaking and climate neutrality in 2050

In order to make a better world, in the press release from the president of UNESID, Bernardo Velázquez committed to climate neutrality before 2050. The goal that Spain has set is to produce steel with zero net emissions. The steel industry aims to change the current energy structure. The progress of

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The different uses of steel sheet

Steel sheets are sheets that have different uses, especially in renovation and construction projects. With this material you can create and modify many elements: ceilings, walls, shelves, handrails... Since it is a resistant material with an interesting aesthetic finish. The versatility of steel sheets has been

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Ferros Texar and the history of a small, large company

At Ferros Texar we usually write blogposts talking about the products and services we offer, but this time we want to tell you about us, our evolution and go through 2019 together. So we started... Who is Ferros Texar Ferros Texar was born in 2006 as a result of the effort of young entrepreneurs and since then we have not stopped

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Steel sheets and their ductility -Success story-

According to Wikipedia's definition, we can define a sheet metal as “a thin sheet of metal used for mechanical constructions.” We can find different types of sheets, but perhaps the most common are steel, galvanized steel and laminated. The sheets can be of various thicknesses, varying from 0,6 to 20 millimeters, in

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Ferros Texar, your best galvanized steel distributor in Catalonia

Yes, we can say it proudly, Ferros Texar is a reference company in the Barcelona region for galvanized steel. We have been working for more than 10 years at the service of professionals in the metallurgical sector and in all this time we have managed to collaborate with many companies thanks to our professionalism and experience. We are happy when our clients

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Permanent stock in hot rolled sheet

At Ferros Texar, we have a permanent stock of one of the most used materials in a variety of sectors: hot rolled sheet metal. We have products of various sizes: 6000x1500x3 at 12mm, 6000x2000x3 at 12 mm and 4000x2000x3 at 10 mm. Which makes it easier to adapt to more jobs and types of industry. Check out our products in stock

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Corten Veneer: Check our special rate!

The various uses of Corten veneer are currently highly appreciated in certain sectors. At Ferros Texar, we have a very special offer for Corten sheet of these measurements: 3000X1500X4, 3000X1500X5, 3000X1500X6 and 3000X1500X8. Check the rates and benefit from our advantages! [gdlr_button href="" target="_self" size="medium" background="#f99529" color="#ffffff"] CONTACT US![/gdlr_button] Resistant to atmospheric corrosion, the sheets

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