It can be considered as one of the most used materials in the constructions, but at the same time more unknown. He steel It extends to dozens of uses, on all continents, and has even been the protagonist of geopolitical conflicts. This material became popular in the Old Continent in the XNUMXth century. Since then, the importance of steel has not stopped growing. We tell you more details in this entry. Take note.

What is steel and its alloying process

First of all, we do not want to delve into this material without knowing what its exact definition would be. It is defined in the RAE as "an alloy of iron and carbon and that, depending on its treatment, acquires elasticity, hardness or resistance.

Perhaps the definition provided by the Royal Spanish Academy does not tell us much, since it is technical. However, it should be noted that, just as it can be difficult to understand its term, it is also difficult to understand its creation. For this we must take into account What is alloying: it is a process where several metals are mixed with some element. In this process, the temperatures are very high so that the materials remain melted.

Although the alloy was key, the use of steel did not become popular until many years later. This was because the creation of this material involves melting iron and mixing it with carbon with the utmost care. For this reason, the processes are carried out inside ships, since in the exterior the steel is rusted.

The importance of steel today and where it is used

Part of our daily life is conditioned by steel. This material exists everywhere. Now, if you turn around, you are sure to find something made with this material. Being a material with high quality and resistance, it is used in dozens of places. We since Texar Ferros We are clear that it is the best material that exists.

In recent years, steel price has increased sharply. This is not surprising, since it is highly valued in all major economies. In fact, it is a material that has been the cause of conflicts between countries. The best known, perhaps, was the one starring Donald Trump, former president of the United States. This imposed tariffs on the material to protect domestic production.

The importance of steel is such that price rise has a huge impact on the economy. Inflation is running amok and, in other cases, steel companies fear production cuts. It is not surprising that there is even a Chinese Iron and Steel Association. This is responsible for studying their prices in global raw materials markets. The objective? Protect the production of this material in Asia and ensure that it continues to have a fair price worldwide.

But, at this point, where is it used? We tell you the main sectors that depend heavily on steel.

Bus Routes

Mobility is one of the sectors that demand it the most. And not only in the construction of large vehicles such as trains or airplanes. We also refer to the mobility of goods. He 15% of the steel produced in the world goes for these purposes.


Steel interior of a car

The advanced models are highly resistant. All new vehicles have steel. The new qualities even reach reduce vehicle weight in a third part. This with respect to traditional conventional steels.

Buildings and infrastructure

Almost 60% of all steel sold in the world goes to manufacturing. construction of buildings and large infrastructures. On some continents, such as Africa and Asia, demand is growing enormously. The reason is simple: more and more people live in cities and the material is needed to build. More and more buildings are needed, so their importance is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Likewise, more and more infrastructures to serve mobility of people. More and more people live in the world and the needs are greater in this area. Roads, ports, stations or airports are the infrastructures that most depend on steel.

Food and water

Yes, it is also used to feed citizens. Steel is necessary to collect food. Furthermore, it is also for purify, distribute water and store. Remember what happens, for example, with preserves. Only for this type of food is steel needed to preserve 200.000.000 cans.

Machinery and all kinds of tools

The material is also vital for the tool making that manage to improve the quality of life of citizens. What's more, it is also important in the machinery. In these latter vehicles it is used for automobile parts, glass and plastics. However, another type of hospitality machines They also require steel.

Uses of steel in restaurants - Ferros Texar Blog

All properties of steel

These properties vary depending on the material composition. They can also vary depending on the chemical or physical method used for each product. However, some of the properties are the following:

  • It has its melting point at 3000 degrees Celsius.
  • Shrinks when cold. When heated it remains dilated.
  • Its density is 7850 kg/m3.
  • Su tenacity It's quite big. Furthermore, it is ductile, that is, it can be deformed without breaking.
  • It can be welded.
  • El material is susceptible to corrosion, so chemicals such as nickel must be added.
  • Es malleable, something that allows the material to be laminated.
  • Regarding hardness, it should be noted that it depends on the amount of carbon it contains. If more carbon is added, the harder the steel will be.

This is the importance of steel that you should take into account. Its uses or applications, how it is manufactured or its most notable properties are discussed in this entry. If you have any duda, remember that you can contact us. We are professionals with extensive experience in a sector that evolves very quickly.