According to the definition of Wikipedia, we can define a plate as “a thin sheet of metal used for mechanical constructions.”

We can find different types of sheeting, but perhaps the most common are steel, galvanized steel and laminated.

The sheets can be of various thicknesses, varying from 0,6 to 20 millimeters, depending on the use and type of manufacturing. They are a flat product with a rectangular shape that, due to its characteristics of flexibility y ductility They can be worked to obtain pieces of a specific shape.

barcelona steel sheets

Specific treatments are usually added or applied to preserve and protect them from external atmospheric and climatic agents, to increase resistance to shocks or to improve their surface properties. For example a galvanized steel sheet hot immersion is ideal to have a high protection against corrosion or high tensile steel, whose low sulfur content, high internal purity and fine grade structure guarantee a better ductility, higher toughness and greater fatigue resistance, assuming so a big weight saving with respect to other structural steel.

All these characteristics make the sheets one of the products more versatile and so most used in the industrial sector.

Success story with Ferros Texar

En Texar Ferros we are specialists in working and distributing steel sheets; Our scope of action is framed in the community of Catalonia and throughout these years we have participated in several projects and with our plates they have been manufactured since lifts but also coffee machines.

In recent years we have started working for a rapidly expanding company, Metalmalla & Beico, among other things distributors and producers of meshes for department stores. They produce the Texar mesh and Ferros It supplies them with the sheet metal cut to size to make the omegas on which said mesh rests.

It has been an ambitious project from the beginning and We have not stopped until we have achieved the perfect size for cutting our steel sheets..

Result? Today we have a qualified person who is totally dedicated to this mansion, to guarantee the perfection of the result and thus continue to fully satisfy the demands of our client.

En Texar Ferros You can count on professional support to develop your customized projects with the aim of always obtaining the best product and solution for your needs.

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