One more year it is March 8, the day when all women take to the streets to fight for their rights. Today we want to pay tribute to the talent of the workers in this sector. Brave, generous and proud women who still fight for equal rights. 

At Ferros Texar we are proud to work with Ester Basso and on this special day We wanted to do an interview with him to find out his point of view regarding the gender inequality in the metallurgical sector.


“Hello Ester, tell us a little about yourself”

“Hello, my name is Ester and I am dedicated to the financial-accounting part of Ferros Texar SL

I have been working in the metal sector for more than 20 years. I started by chance in life many years ago…. And I am very happy with my career.”


“What do women contribute in this sector? Do you think there is inequality in the sector? Yes, what do you think about it?

“From my experience, what I can say is that men predominate in the metallurgical sector, especially depending on the positions and departments. 

Inequality is evident, you just have to see how many women there are in some other workplaces such as commercial and production areas, which are basically male sectors. Maybe because women don't see this sector for us either. On the other hand, women do predominate in administration departments.

On the other hand, there are also production jobs where women could work; Before, some physical effort was required, but today it is not necessary with the machinery that makes all these tasks easier for us. 

[gdlr_quote align=»center» ]»The image that men have has to be changed, as they still see it as male jobs and that contributes to inequality.»[/gdlr_quote]


“What would be missing to improve the integration of women?”

In order to change this trend, Companies should be more inclusive and promote work environments to attract female talent. I think women could contribute a lot, since they tend to be more creative and consistent with their work.


What message would you give to future women in the sector?

«My message is that equality starts from home, educating our sons and daughters with these values, and with that, women will be able to opt for equality both on a personal and professional level. "Currently we have made a lot of progress, but we are going little by little and we still have a long way to go."

[gdlr_quote align=»center» ]“It's not about excluding men, I just think that men cannot be the heroes of the story alone”[/gdlr_quote]


Women of steel in Spain: Data

In the Spanish steel industry, only 7,7% of workers are women, that is, almost 8 out of every 100. Furthermore, only 3% of vocational training students related to industrial professional profiles were women: “ We need more women who want to be women of steel,” they emphasize from UNESID
From Texar Ferros We encourage all women to not give up and follow your path. There is much left to do, this is just the beginning.

Happy Women's Day everyone!