Steel is one of the most used alloys both in industry and construction. The most demanded steel sheets They have multiple uses in numerous areas, from civil engineering to the motor industry. In this article we are going to focus our attention on the most used types of steel: galvanized steel, perforated sheet metal and black or pickled sheet metal.

Basically, Steel is an alloy that is born from the union of iron with other elements. One of the most important is carbon, which is added to reduce the ductility of iron and increase its hardness. Other elements, such as aluminum or copper, are added to produce alloys with specific properties. In the case of copper, this metal increases resistance to oxidation.

Steel sheets most in demand in construction

All the  galvanized steel sheets, perforated ones and those made of black or pickled steel are the most demanded by construction professionals. Do you want to know its most common characteristics and uses?

Use of galvanized steel in construction

Among the latests Moravia's compositions most demanded steel sheets The galvanized ones are. This alloy is distinguished from the rest by having a zinc coating that prevents corrosion and reduces scratches. This industrial procedure was developed from the studies of the XNUMXth century Italian physicist and doctor Luigi Galvani.

Galvanized steel is mainly used in structures that are exposed to environmental humidity or are in direct contact with water, such as roofs and walls. For example, road signs are made of galvanized steel sheets.

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The sheets of Galvanised steel that we sell at Ferros Texar are used for the industrial warehouse covers, although they can also be used in homes. Their properties make them ideal to resist the impact of the elements for more than 70 years. In fact, they offer great resistance to extreme temperatures. On the other hand, it is a cheaper construction material than other options.

El Galvanised steelApart from its hardness and resistance to corrosion, it is a recyclable material. Sheets of this type of steel can be recycled several times without losing their properties. Another of its qualities is that it is possible to join it to other metals and alloys, especially aluminum. Galvanized steel is sold in different formats: in rolls and in smooth or ribbed sheets.

Perforated steel sheet

All the  perforated steel sheets They have many applications in industry and construction. They are of the most demanded steel sheets. They are used in garage enclosures, ceilings, pergolas, floors, protections for air conditioners and radiators, or even as decorative elements. It is increasingly common for them to be used on the facades of restaurant establishments.

All the  perforated steel plates They are manufactured through a process called cold stamping. The steel sheets are placed between two presses or "stamps", which press the metal until the desired die-cut is achieved. By using various matrices, it is possible to achieve an infinite number of patterns. The die cut steel sheets They are sold in sheets and rolls. They are normally presented in sheets ranging from 0,7 to 9 mm thick, with perforations from 0,5 mm.

Under construction, the perforated steel sheets They allow the passage of light and air, while guaranteeing privacy. By using different types of die-cutting, different effects are achieved depending on the client's needs.

Black steel sheet, among the most demanded steel sheets

La black sheet metal It is manufactured using an industrial technique called hot rolled. This subjects the steel to a process known as thermodynamic deformation. This alloy has a low carbon content, and it is the absence of surface treatment that gives it this characteristic dark tone. The black steel sheet It comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, from 1,5 mm to sheets up to 10 mm.

Although both are manufactured by hot rolling, the pickling goes through additional treatment. In it, the steel plates are bathed in acids that eliminate all traces of stains, rust and imperfections. In this way, they are given a finish that allows them to be painted or given any other treatment. It is usually supplied with a layer of oil on both sides to prevent rust.

La black steel sheet It is one of those with the highest demand index in construction. In fact, it is the base from which the rest of the steel is manufactured. Due to its tensile strength, black steel has a high uniform load capacity over its entire surface. In addition, it offers great fire resistance. Its use is widespread in civil works, homes and in the manufacture of means of transport. Black steel is increasingly used in decoration, in environments of clear industrial inspiration.

Steel in the construction sector

There are various types of construction steel, depending on the amount of carbon they contain. Alloys with a lower proportion are suitable for the manufacture of steel parts of medium strength. For high-strength machinery and tools, such as drills or excavators, alloys with a higher percentage of carbon are used. In Texar Ferros We can advise you on the type of steel that best suits your needs.

Stainless steel is characterized because it contains chromium, usually between 10 and 20%. According to the standard UNE-EN 10088, the carbon content must be less than 1,2%. It may also contain other metals, such as molybdenum and nickel. The function of chromium is to form a corrosion-resistant layer.

Steel is one of the main materials in the construction sector. Among its advantages is that can be recycled by almost 90%, so we are dealing with a highly sustainable material. At Ferros Texar we have the most demanded steel sheetsContact us to request more information about our products.