Do you know everything that black sheet metal o hot rolled can offer you? In general terms, this sheet is a metal sheet of carbon-manganese steel that has different purposes. Do you know what steel has the highest production and consumption rate?

This raw material gives rise to a large number of products. In addition, it is found in all types of sizes and its price is very affordable. It can be used in almost all industrial sectors, although, for the most part, its use is widespread in buildings and mechanical structures.

What is black or hot rolled sheet metal?

This type of metal sheet is obtained through a thermomechanical method, which involves the deformation of the rough steel at a high temperature. Its composition is low and medium in carbon.

At the same time, its structure is fine grained and that gives it high mechanical properties, great formability and optimal weldability. Furthermore, when joined with microalloys (Nb, Ti, V and others) and using the appropriate data and process variables, it is possible to achieve steels with very high strength and toughness.

For all these reasons, its use is recommended for components of mechanically welded mechanisms. Likewise, it is used for folding or profiling, as well as for riveting, gluing or assembly by welding. The scope of application of this type of steel includes bending and light drawing and the production of parts by deep drawing.

However, it is not suitable for withstand winds, rain, cold or heat. It also does not withstand the corrosion to which it is subjected in certain areas of activity, which differentiates it from other varieties of steel, such as treated or coated steel.

Differences between black sheet metal and others

You may be wondering what the differences are between this type and others, such as galvanized or aluminum. In general, the use of black sheet metal It is very common in welded tubes, industry, the naval and railway sector, civil works and automotive, among other purposes. However, their differences lie in aspects such as durability, resistance to corrosion and weather elements.

Thus, its difference with the galvanized is that this It is even more durable than the black one. The reason is its manufacturing process, since it is subjected to a hot immersion process and is completely covered in zinc to prevent corrosion. This is fused with the steel through a chemical process and a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius. When the steel is removed, the layers obtained on the surface are an alloy of zinc and iron. At this point, the zinc is solidified and offers a harder result than steel. For this reason, the plate galvanized It is more resistant than black. However, the use of both is common in automobiles, appliances and construction products.

steel car body

As for the insulators, These are frequently used in civil engineering. You can differentiate them from the black ones because they have a finer finish and great durability. They are very common in walls, ceilings and partitions, among other uses.

On the other hand, we have the sheets of corten steel or stainless steel. The former are based on a steel alloy with nickel, chromium, copper and phosphorus, which makes them a product with good anti-corrosion properties. For this reason, we find them a lot in interior design and architecture work. For their part, stainless steel ones are made up of an alloy of iron and chromium. They also resist corrosion well, so they have purposes where hygiene and cleanliness are important. Likewise, the aluminum ones are made of a sustainable, resistant and anti-corrosive material. These are the result of a process of applying a thin layer of aluminum alloy together with other metals. To give more resistance to heat and corrosion, hot immersion is carried out.

Manufacture and uses of hot rolled sheet

La black sheet metal It is made of steel, which we transform by subjecting it to high temperatures. Thus, we manage to change it in a process called thermomechanical deformation. Complying with the times and avoiding cooling before finishing is essential, since when it cools we reduce its volume and also its malleability.

After lamination, it receives a stripping treatment so that its surface is completely clean. This way we eliminate any incrustation, stains or remains of rust. It has properties such as malleability and ductility. For all this, it is very complete and considered very versatile.

It has many purposes, such as automotive parts, railways, wheels, gas tubes and cylinders and civil works projects. Therefore, these hot foils give rise to a large number of designs and uses. They range from industrial projects to premises soundproofing work, among many others. Mainly, these are its areas of use:

  • Automotive parts.
  • Construction machinery.
  • Railway sector: roads and railways.
  • Shelves and furniture.
  • Production of household appliances.
  • Naval industry.

Ferros Texar black sheet metal distribution service

Service black sheet metal distribution de Ferros Texar offers the raw materials and transportation of these products. Our team has years of experience and offers you personalized treatment.

We supply the metal in its final state of lamination or stripping. We protect it thanks to a layer of oil on both sides. Also you can request it without oiling, although in this case, you must assume the risks of oxidation.

The scope of application ranges from folding and light drawing, to the creation of the most complicated and delicate pieces by deep drawing.

We have a wide variety depending on the use you want to give it: hot rolled, cold rolled, Corten steel, perforated, cut to size, galvanized steel, high elastic limit steel and structural steel. In any case, do not hesitate to ask us for personalized advice.

If you wish, we develop a finished piece of black sheet metal. Select the product you need from our catalog. We deliver it within the period and to the place you indicate. ¡Contact us!