Steel sheets are sheets that have different uses, especially in renovation and construction projects. 

With this material you can create and modify many elements: ceilings, walls, shelves, handrails... Since it is a resistant material with an interesting aesthetic finish. The versatility of steel sheets has been enhanced over time due to the good results it offers..

We have already talked in a previous post about some success stories and we have a section on our website dedicated to projects carried out with our plates.

Steel coffee machines, Ferros Texar Barcelona project


But now let's review some of the types of steel sheets and see their different uses.


hot rolled sheets

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It is the type of sheet metal with the highest production and consumption. It requires going through a lamination process at temperatures above 750 degrees.

It is one of the most used types of steel for mechanically welded structural parts, for folding or profiling, assembly by welding, and even for artistic sculptures.


cold rolled sheets

Cold rolled steel requires a second process since it first starts as hot rolled. By having a second process, cold rolled steel is stronger than hot rolled steel. 

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Cold rolled sheets are often used to create metal furniture, automotive components, electronic hardware, home appliances, lighting lamps, construction, etc…


Galvanized Sheets

Galvanized steel is a steel covered with several layers of zinc, making it a more durable and resistant material.

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Its use is common in construction and for the manufacture of components due to its solidity and firmness characteristics.


High elastic limit sheets

The high elastic limit rolled steel is fine-grained, has very good weldability and transformability. That is, it is very ductile.

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Due to its characteristics, it is used for the construction of bridges, cranes, building structures, forestry, agricultural machinery, etc.


Corten steel sheets

Corten steel is a material composed of nickel, phosphorus and chromium, and as a consequence of its manufacturing process, it acquires greater protection from atmospheric elements, although it should be said that its color changes as a result of oxidation.

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It is used in construction, for decorative elements such as outdoor sculptures, gardening elements or furniture.


Structural sheets

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Structural steel sheets are highly elastic and have minimal tensile strength, acceptable ductility and toughness properties.

It is used in the construction sector and in mechanical construction.


Perforated sheets

Perforated sheets have the possibility of different designs. For example, the holes can be circular, square and slotted, which are the most common types.

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It is used for machinery and vehicles, in the electrical and food industries, in civil engineering, architecture and for interiors. In this last sector it is very popular since being perforated allows air and natural light to enter the interior of the place. In addition, it avoids heat and solar radiation.


More uses of steel sheets

As you can see, steel sheets have multiple and very varied uses in interior and exterior design. 

They are capable of soundproofing and optimizing air, therefore, perfect for ceilings; as well as to separate spaces. On floors and walls, walls are also widely used since they protect against solar radiation and heat. 

In addition, with sheet steel you can manufacture elements such as. tables, shelves, dividing panels, railings, bins, containers, etc…

And finally, we cannot forget its use as a decorative material and even in accessories for clothing and bags.