When carrying out a construction project, the correct choice of the materials to be used is of vital importance. One of them is steel, which must be of quality, to guarantee an integrated and durable structure.

In this article we will explain the main characteristics of the hot rolled steel sheet and all the factors that must be taken into account. Keep reading!

Hot rolled steel sheet: What is it?

This material is mainly used in the construction sector. However, you can also find it in the manufacture of different types of vehicles such as cars or railways. Although it is not so common, it is also used to make gas tubes or cylinders.

It is vitally important for its manufacturing and design process to be carried out by experts. In this sense, it is essential to put the steel at high temperatures through a thermomechanical deformation process. This is done in an oven reaching temperatures that exceed 1100 degrees. In this way, it is possible to deform it and give it the desired shape so that it fulfills its function in the construction project you are carrying out.

Among its structure, it has a medium-low presence of carbon. This material stands out for its resistance, toughness, and ease of welding. It also has high mechanical resistance, although you have to be careful because It is not usually the best option in inclement weather. On the other hand, it presents a certain weakness against corrosion. You must keep all these circumstances in mind to avoid setbacks.

At Ferros Texar we are specialists in the production of all types of steel sheets using hot rolling. This production process presents great differences compared to the one carried out cold. Thanks to our experience our materials offer excellent performance and lifespan.

Importance in security

When any type of construction project is proposed, the safety of the structure must be one of the most important principles to value. In this sense, steel directly influences the resistance of the building to different unforeseen events that may arise.

For this reason, hot rolled steel sheet is one of the best options available to provide security to any building. This material can be cooled to room temperature, and this It will free you from internal stress that may arise from other mechanical hardening processes.

The presence of an earthquake or earthquake is one of the clear examples where the use of low quality steel would put the structure at greater risk. Using a properly made sheet metal reduces the chances that the structure will end up giving way, and the building will collapse.

Impact on reliability

The quality of a steel sheet also directly affects the reliability and useful life of any type of construction. This material, prepared through a hot rolling processIn addition to being one of the most economical options, it also has great durability.

Another of the main characteristics of this material is his tenacity. In fact, this study only confirms one of the great strengths that this type of sheet metal can offer us. It requires many fewer processes, so it is manipulated to a lesser extent.

On the other hand, the use of low quality steel can increase the maintenance cost of any type of building. So, although the acquisition costs of the materials are higher, this investment will be profitable in the medium and long term.

Quality factors to consider

Once you know all the benefits that this type of material can offer you, it is time to understand all the quality factors that must be considered. When it comes to obtaining a certification, like the one we have in our distribution company of steel, the chemical composition is of vital importance. To make any type of sheet of this type, the process begins with a large rectangular plate, known as a billet.

This material already has the correct chemical composition to be considered a type of steel, with a low percentage of carbon. In this sense, it stands out for the enormous ductility and malleability when melted at high temperatures. In this way, its versatility will allow you to carry out many different shapes.

The cooling process, key to mechanical properties

As we have commented previously, the hot rolled steel cooling process It is made naturally without any type of industrial process.

Therefore, it is normal for there to be areas that cool down before others. By varying the cooling rate you will have the ability to get different structures, although it will also directly affect the mechanical properties of the final material.

In conclusion, when facing any type of construction project, choosing quality steel sheets is of vital importance. The final result and useful life of the work you have carried out will last longer.

En Texar Ferros we always offer a hot rolled steel sheet offering superior performance. Contact us and we will advise you appropriately.