The use of steel in the hospitality industry and in the food industry It is growing. We can find it in common areas, such as in decorative elements, in the kitchen, railings or outdoors. But, above all, it is very common to see it in the manufacture of shelves and cold rooms.

One of the main advantages of this material is that it is very hygienic, durable and aesthetic. Furthermore, if we take into account the cleaning tasks, it is worth highlighting their easy maintenance. This allows it to be kept in good condition for much longer.

Uses of steel in restaurants

Uses of steel in restaurants - Ferros Texar Blog

Steel has a wide variety of uses and applications in restaurants. Without a doubt, this material used in large civil constructions, such as bridges or buildings, also plays a very important role in the food industry.

In order to understand the benefits of stainless steel in this sector, it is advisable to delve into the hygiene standards. The preparation and production processes, as well as food conservation, are characterized by the highest demands in this section. Therefore, this material is one of the most suitable to achieve this.

Steel is characterized by offering great freedom in the creation of designs. This is something that is also seen in furniture and appliances. Likewise, it gives a modern, industrial and differentiating style.

Here we list some steel proposals in restoration. As we observed, the versatility and flexibility of this material are considerable.

Home Appliances

In restaurant kitchens, it is most common to have appliances to store or wash dishes. From the traditional dishwasher to cold rooms, the kitchen table, chests, ovens or coffee makers.

This type of material offers great resistance and the new kitchen design trends contribute to its use. For this reason, it is most common to find a wide variety of possibilities and an infinite number of shapes, because they withstand sudden changes in temperature.


Undoubtedly, steel has a very important place in the metal carpentry. In a restaurant we can find decorative tables, counters, shelves, displays, bottle racks, trim or frames made of that material.

If these products are characterized by something, it is their quality and durability. Without a doubt, they withstand shocks and any type of impact. In addition, they can be cleaned thoroughly to eliminate bacteria without damaging the surface.

To this we can add that they do not transmit flavors. This does not happen with other materials such as pasta. On the other hand, they are not expensive at all when compared to other proposals on the market.


Use cookware y professional utensilsl in steel is another of its applications. Tongs, spatulas, strainers or pizza cutters are common in the kitchen of an establishment dedicated to catering.

On the other hand, we can also find cutlery and a series of containers made with this material. They are a good choice if what we are looking for is some style and distinction at the table. The diners will surely appreciate it.

Decorative elements

On the other hand, it should be noted that steel is also used in interior and exterior decoration. Little by little, this proposal has been gaining great prominence in restaurants.

It has even become the favorite material of many people. Years ago its use in any space might have been unthinkable. For example, using an ornament or object with steel is now beginning to be as normal as the use of ceramic, wood or glass.

Contrary to what some believe, this material is quite flexible to work y mold different designs. In addition, the surfaces can be polished to achieve an elegant finish and obtain a good satin. This can be seen in the railings, handrails, screens, etc.

What steel is the most used in restoration?

El Regulation 21935/2004/EC of the European Union defines the basic requirements for materials and objects that come into contact with food. According to this regulation, the use of stainless steel is one of the most recommended due to its greater exposure to corrosion.

For this reason, its use in this type of industry guarantees compliance with food safety standards. However, it is also indicated that the only access that should not be used is the one that has sulfur alloy.

Advantages of using steel in the hospitality industry

To conclude, we are going to offer in this list the Main benefits of using steel in restoration.

  • Durability. The steel has a natural coating that prevents rust. Therefore, this option is ideal because it is avoiding corrosion.
  • Hygiene. Experts recommend it because it is very easy to clean and does not absorb bacteria.
  • Easy cleaning Depending on the alloy, cleaning and maintenance of these surfaces will be much easier.
  • Sustainability The use of steel in interior design contributes to respecting the environment. This material is recyclable and can be reused again.
  • Resistance. To conclude, it should be noted that its nature makes it very resistant. Therefore, it is a good option for open spaces. Added to this is that they can withstand high loads without cracking.
  • Elegant. Steel offers a very clean and modern appearance. Especially if combined with other materials, such as natural wood and white marble countertops.

This material is one of those preferred by many entrepreneurs in this sector, if we take into account its properties. Therefore, from the kitchen table to the hood, a lamp, a chair or a candle holder can be included in this type of business.

In short, the use of steel in hospitality It is characterized by meeting all the necessary requirements that guarantee safety and hygiene standards in the kitchen. There is also many badges and models according to the needs of each client. If you have any questions, request information at Ferrox Texar. We are professionals in this sector!