El cutting steel sheets It is an industrial process that you can carry out using different techniques, tools and machinery. Choosing the most appropriate ones for each particular case is essential to obtain an accurate result. In this article we want to teach you how to make the best decision, according to your specific cutting needs. Are you interested in knowing more? Join us!


Types of steel sheets


First of all, you should know that there are different types of steel sheets, depending on its thickness and composition. Each one requires using the most appropriate cutting machinery or tool.


  • hot rolled sheet. It is also known as black sheet metal. It is manufactured through an electromechanical deformation process at temperatures above 750 degrees. It is mainly used in the automotive and building construction sectors.
  • cold rolled sheet. Polished sheet metal, as it is also known, is obtained by cross-cutting cold-rolled steel coils. It has excellent mechanical properties and is used to manufacture fine parts.
  • Galvanized sheet. It is coated with zinc, a metal that protects it from the effects of corrosion and oxidation. It is used for the manufacture of metal structures and street furniture.
  • Corten Veneer. It is made with an alloy of steel and other materials such as copper, phosphorus, chromium or nickel, which gives it its characteristic reddish color. Corrosion resistant and with an elegant finish.
  • Perforated plate. Its main feature is that it has a series of geometric perforations that follow a certain pattern. Widely used in industries such as food or shipping, among others.
  • structural steel sheet. For its manufacture, an alloy of iron, carbon and small amounts of other elements such as phosphorus, sulfur and manganese are used. It is very ductile, uniform, tolerates heat well and can be welded. The most used in construction.


Hand tools for cutting


Before starting the process of cutting steel sheets, it is essential to choose the appropriate tool taking into account the thickness of the sheet you need to cut. We found several types of manual tools to carry out this work.


sheet metal scissors


They are used to cut steel sheets up to 1,50 mm. The tin scissors, as they are also known, are useful for occasional cutting of small sheets. They are neither accurate nor suitable for large productions.


Sierra de calar


It is a manual power tool which has the capacity to cut steel sheets up to 6 mm thick. Likewise, you can also use it to cut 8 mm aluminum sheets. It is more precise and easier to use than scissors, since it does not require physical effort.


manual shear


Its use is very common in metallurgical workshops.



Cutting machinery


Cutting machinery is indicated for larger productions, since its speed and precision is greater than that of manual tools.


Automatic and hydraulic shears


Automatic shears can be roller or guillotine and its cutting capacity is similar to that of manual ones. However, when they are powered by electric current, both the precision of the cuts and the production volume they can achieve increase.


The hydraulics are industrial machines that can cut large steel sheets up to 25 mm. They give the option of automating different cutting programs, entering the data into an interface. In Texar FerrosIn fact, it is one of the ones we use the most for cutting steel sheets.



plasma cutting equipment


El plasma cutting It is used for steel sheets up to 45 mm thick. However, it is not recommended that you use it to mechanize cutting processes for sheets larger than 12 mm, since the cutting quality is average compared to other more precise machinery. These devices use a jet of ionized gas at high speed for their operation.


laser cutting machine


La laser or CNC cutting machine It is a computer numerical control machine that works by applying a high concentration of heat at one point. It is the most precise cutting tool you can bet on, so it is used to cut or drill any type of steel sheet. He laser cutting allows personalized designs to be made and considerably optimizes production in any industrial sector.


water jet cutting machine


This tool uses a jet of pure water or abrasive at a pressure that usually ranges between 4100 and 6500 bar. The higher the pressure, the higher the flow rate. It is a technology used to carry out cold cutting processes and its level of precision is high. It works by eroding the material and can cut steel sheets up to 300 mm, although it is a slower mechanical process than the laser.


Factors to consider when choosing tools or machinery


When choosing the most appropriate tool, you must take into account a series of factors:


  • Thickness of the steel sheet.
  • Required precision.
  • Output.
  • Budget.


Safety when cutting steel sheets


It is essential to take the appropriate measures to guarantee safety in the different processes of cutting steel sheets. Some guidelines you should follow are:


  • Always keep the work area clean and tidy.
  • Use the personal protective equipment established by regulations.
  • Use the most suitable cutting tool for each specific job.
  • Make sure the operator has the required qualifications.


In conclusion, to obtain the best result in the cutting steel sheets It is essential to choose the most appropriate tools. At Ferros Texar we are specialized in this type of work,contact us!