El use of steel in agriculture It was one of the great advances that allowed agricultural production to be modernized a few centuries ago. In this article, we will explain some of the main aspects that you should take into account to achieve maximum performance.

Historical evolution of steel and agricultural constructions

Although steel and agricultural construction They began as a privilege of the nobles a few centuries ago, currently, greenhouses are the order of the day. Throughout the colonization period, European empires discovered other types of fruit in America that did not grow naturally on the old continent. Greenhouses began to be built in the patios of noble houses. They were popularly known as orangeries and they allowed us to emulate the temperature and humidity conditions that tropical fruits needed.

Throughout the Industrial Revolution, it accelerated in the construction of greenhouses for the agricultural sector. Glass and steel were mostly used as the main materials. The greenhouses offered enormous thermal and light gain, which allowed yield to be maximized. At that time, Germany was one of the main steel powers and began to export these structures to other countries around the world. One of the main greenhouses that you can currently see as a monument is located in Cherbourg, France.

In recent years, these structures went from being a tourist attraction to make itself available for agricultural production. Currently, they are built with light, completely translucent galvanized steel membranes, which allow crops to be located inside. At Ferros Texar, we are specialists in the production of steel, which offers enormous performance for both interiors and exteriors. Steel greenhouses offer fantastic protection against the galvanizing action of zinc. Without a doubt, steel remains a fundamental material for all agricultural structures.

Main uses of steel in agriculture

Stainless steel is, without a doubt, one of the main materials that you should take into account if you are dedicated to the agriculture sector. In addition to offering you really shiny finishes, you can't miss its ease of cleaning. Nor its microbiological properties and the great resistance it can present to corrosion despite the passage of years. Its main uses are the following.

Steel fences and gates and agricultural buildings

On any farm, you can find small stainless steel structures in the fences, doors and walls that divide each room. They are tubular structures that are really easy and quick to prefabricate.

They are quite easy to clean. In addition, they offer the added value of their high resistance to shock and abrasion.

Irrigation systems

Livestock require a constant supply of clean, oxygenated water. This water will allow you to maximize production. For this reason, stainless steel has become very common in irrigation systems.

It is an incredibly malleable material, making it easy to produce rounded edges on the bowls where animals drink. This reduces the number of cuts and injuries.

Ventilation ducts

Ventilation is of vital importance in any agricultural center. The use of manure and urine creates a corrosive environment. By eos, stainless steel becomes a vital material for ventilation ducts.

Likewise, the high temperatures that you can find in a stable also cause corrosive reactions to accelerate. Stainless steel frames are a great opportunity to provide animals with the best possible conditions.

Collect milk

In Spain, without a doubt, milk production has been one of the main agricultural activities for many years. Stainless steel is not only a great help for milking the cows, but also for transporting the milk later to the warehouse. Time in the livestock sector is of vital importance.

The milk comes out of the cow at about 35 degrees and without any type of bacterial properties. However, if it is not refrigerated quickly to temperatures between 4 and 6 degrees, bacteria will begin to proliferate. Austenitic stainless steel has a relatively low thermal conductivity, which helps keep milk at the right temperature.

Robotization is even reaching the sector. Milking is already beginning using robotic arms made of steel.

Caring for animals

Proper care of animals is closely related to final productivity. In more tropical areas, such as the Canary Islands, as well as near wildlife, livestock must be treated for ticks or mites.

The stainless steel atomizers They are a fantastic solution for transmitting the chemicals necessary to combat parasites.

Steel sheets for your agricultural structures

If you want to have top-level agricultural buildings, at Ferros Texar we distribute a wide range of Steel sheets. They can be used for each of the structures. Galvanized steel is frequently used in greenhouses, as is cold-rolled sheet metal. It is a truly versatile material that stands out for its ductility (which goes ahead of its resistance). Therefore, you can mold it and adapt it to any type of construction.

steel greenhouse - Ferros Texar

The demand for laser plates grows day by day, especially due to the weight savings they represent. On the other hand, they are highly resistant to fatigue. In addition, they put their qualities of tenacity and ductility at your disposal. In case you are looking for something more personalized, keep in mind that also we make plates cut to size with the corresponding folding and punching. We provide the finished product and all that remains is to paint it.

As a conclusion, the steel in agriculture It remains one of the main materials used. You should keep this in mind if you are considering any greenhouse construction project. At Ferros Texar we have extensive experience in steel sheets, which you can use for your agricultural infrastructure. CONTACT US and request all the information you need. We will cordially assist you and advise you to make your projects a reality.