Badges are a type of flat product in the shape of a rectangular plate that are generated from the rolling of steel, both cold and hot. 

Treatments are normally applied to improve its properties, increase its resistance to impacts and shocks, to external weather agents, to improve its surface properties, and/or also its aesthetic appearance.

The steel sheet is a very malleable and ductile productTherefore allows to be bent, cut, drilled, etc. to obtain pieces with a specific shape. 

Today we want to talk to you in more depth about perforated steel sheet, its characteristics and its most common uses. Let's start!


What is perforated sheet?

We live “surrounded” by steel and it is increasingly becoming a trend, as we already told you in a previous article about the different applications of steel in everyday life.

perforated steel sheet

The perforated sheet is characterized by its great versatility, resistance and aesthetics. It is currently gaining ground in the construction sector and continues to delve into architectural design and interior oriented towards urban style in homes.

This type of sheet has perforations, which are made in a die-cutting process with a certain pattern, riding a various geometric shapes, which depend on the use you want to give it. 

It is mainly intended for fences, walls or gates, and requires very little, if any, maintenance.


Applications and different uses of perforated sheet

It is evident that this sheet metal has a wide demand, due to its use in industries that require it, such as:

  • the electronic industry,
  • the automobile industry,
  • the naval industry,
  • the construction industry,
  • the mining industry,
  • and the food industry.


Perforated sheet metal decoration

But, above all in the home decoration. You can use a perforated steel sheet for the façade of a building or infrastructure, urban equipment, protections, ceilings, walls, handrails, fences, railings, dividing walls, security panels, shelves, balconies, filters, for ventilation, filters for elevators, etc.


Photography by INMAVA

The perforated sheet is trend currently among the designs of gardens, open spaces or parks, as well as in the design of outdoor furniture in homes.

As space dividers, perimeter fences, recreational spaces and architectural elements such as pergolas, fixed awnings giving a play of light and shadows in the resting place, as vertical panels of bars for doors or windows

But as with all steel sheets, Several factors must be taken into account: placement according to the orientation of the light, the functionality that is going to be given, the places where it will stay and nature.


Advantages of perforated sheet

Thanks to the advantages provided by perforated sheet metal, it is used in many projects, both interior and exterior:

  • Thermal isolation
  • Soundproofing properties
  • Anti-slip properties
  • Decor
  • Resistance and high durability.
  • Anticorrosive
  • Light and light
  • Easy to clean
  • High quality raw materials
  • They filter light and air
  • It is customizable.


We have perforated sheets!

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