At Ferros Texar we are brand new. Our progression and specialization leads us to work hard and be able to transmit the service we offer to others. This is why we launch, a new tool in which users have information about our company and the products that we distribute in materials from the metallurgical sector.

Various sections on this website designed for companies in the metallurgical sector

The new site, created by this Barcelona Digital Marketing and Web Development Agency, is dynamic and intuitive, adapted to current times, with a lot of visuality and an excellent yet simple design, making it much more attractive to the user. At the beginning, we get an idea of ​​who we are and what we do, with all the necessary elements that are included in the rest of the sections. While the section “Our Badges” includes a wide catalog of the products we distribute, with a detailed explanation of each one.

Also know our customized in the section that gives it its name and to ourselves in Company, where we prioritize personalized advice, customer service, certified quality and our own transportation in the distribution of steel sheets. We are transparent, we show our faces, and you can see which people make up the company, in the team section. In addition, we offer various ways of contact: telephone, email... so you can ask any questions you want, immediately, about our service.

Also on the web too we launch a blog. Here we will report the news and developments of the company and offer advice on the services and products of our sector. For now we are starting with the launch of this website and then we will continue with interesting articles.

We hope you like the website and it is a means to find us, inform you and ask us anything you need about our work. Welcome!